Why choose between economy & performance?
  • Quick installation and easy fitting
  • Increased hydraulic capacity, smaller diameter requirement
  • Requires less imported backfill and less exported debris
  • Designed to last more than 100 years – fit and forget
  • Sustainable – made from recycled and infinitely recyclable material
  • Ductan lining ensures excellent high water quality
Why choose between innovation & tradition?
  • Ductan interior lining with Aluminium zinc exterior coating
  • New innovative gasket system
  • Diameters compatible with plastic pipe systems
  • State-of-the-art modern thinking
  • Strong, robust and longer lasting
  • Complete, coherent system
  • More than 150 years of PAM quality and history
Why choose between flexibility & strength?
  • Easy to handle
  • Multi-purpose for a variety of ground conditions
  • Flexible with movement of 6 degrees at each joint
  • High operating pressure of 25 bar
  • Can be laid shallow and deep
  • Highly resistant to third party damage